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Thank You for Ninety Years of Service

Four employees are retiring effective September 1 who have a total of 90 years of service to the citizens of Bowling Green:

Mike Pillow, Crew Supervisor, Public Operations, 27 years

Tracey Kenney & Matt Martin, Fire Company Commanders, each with 23 years of service

M B Stoner, Housing Recertification Specialist, NCS, 17 years

Best wishes in retirement!


The Program Outline:

Teams must be formed of 2-4 employees
Each team will need to complete a registration form (due by August 28)
Each team will elect a team captain
Team captains will report their team totals each week on Tuesday by 10 AM
The team totals will be posted (e-mailed) by Thursday afternoon.

The challenge will begin September 2, 2014 and will end November 10, 2014
Each employee participating will receive a pedometer to track their daily steps
Each team will record one member’s steps per day (log sheet will be provided)
The suggested daily goal is a minimum of 10,000 steps
Each team member must contribute equally 
Winners will be announced the week of November 24th. 
There will be prizes for the top two teams.

Complete rules, reigistration form, and log sheets are located under Benefits Section Documents of The CLICK.

Benefit Brief - August 18

When receiving a bill from a provider, always compare the bill with the Humana Claims Receipt (Explanation of Benefits).  The Claims Receipt is mailed to the member or can be obtained from your Humana account at www.humana.com. The Claims Receipt and the provider’s billing should match.  If the two documents don’t match or you do not receive a Claims Receipt, contact your provider to be certain they billed your insurance correctly.  If you have further questions please contact Lori Gray at x3644.

Benefit Brief - July 28

Employees with Medical Plan 750 have access to an HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement). Each year the City funds this account with $1,300 (for single coverage) or $2,100 (for employee +one or family coverage).  These funds can be used to help cover deductibles and medical co-pays other than for office visits.  Funds accumulate year after year up to limits set by the City, and can even be used after the employee retires. To learn more, contact Lori Gray, Benefits Manager, at x 3644 or refer to the 2014 Benefits Guide on the CLICK.

Cultural Competency Training

Why do I need to have a Cultural Competency Training?

You may not realize it, but Bowling Green’s population is drastically changing.  According to the US Census, nearly 11% of Bowling Green’s residents are foreign-born (which is the higher than any other City in Kentucky).  Currently, residents in our City speak 49 languages and represent 39 different countries. As demographics change in our community, the importance of staff training to enhance customer service is undeniable.

What can I expect from the training? 

The cultural competency training will help you build awareness, knowledge, and skills through a variety of teaching methods including direct instruction, role playing, case studies, facilitated group discussions, and technology/media.
There are no more slots available for my Department during the training sessions, what do I do?
Don’t worry!  Every employee will have an opportunity to participate in the training.  Training sessions will be available monthly for the next (2) years.  Trainings will be available at different City Departments, at times and dates that best fit your schedule.

Who will facilitate the training?

The training will be facilitated by Leyda Becker, the City’s International Communities Liaison.  Mrs. Becker holds a training license in Cultural Competency from the nationally recognized Cross-Cultural Health Care Program in Seattle, Washington.  If you have any questions or concerns related to the training contact Mrs. Becker at leyda.becker@bgky.org or at (270) 393-3766.

Upcoming Training Schedule

Thursday, July 31st @ 1:30pm – 3:30pm @ Fire Community Room

Thursday, August 28th @ 1:30pm – 3:30pm @ Police Community Room

Tuesday, September 30th @ 8:30am – 10:30pm @ Parks Community Room

Thursday, October 30th @ 1:30pm – 3:30pm @ NCS Community Room

Tuesday, November 18th @ 8:30am – 10:30am @ Fire Community Room

Wednesday, December 10th @ 8:30am – 10:30am @ Police Community Room


Humana VISA FSA cards with an expiration of 06/2014 were mailed from Humana on July 10.  If your card had that expiration and you do not receive your new FSA card,  please contact Lori Gray at lori.gray@bgky.org or x3644.


Employee Medical Plan Routine/ Preventative Child Care Limits:
- Unlimited per covered child from birth to age 1
- 2 visits per covered child, including sports and school physicals, for ages 1 to 18

FY2014 Internal Services Employee Survey

Dear City Employee:

As part of the annual performance measurement reporting process for Fiscal Year 2014, the City will once again be reviewing several of its internal service areas.  These service areas include: Facilities Management, Fleet Maintenance, Human Resources, Communication Equipment Services, Information Technology Services, Legal Services, Procurement, Risk Management, Financial Services, and new for this year Public Information Services.

To aid in this process, every employee is being asked to complete a short survey.  The survey allows you to rate each internal service area and to provide feedback which will help identify any areas still needing improvement and/or the areas that continue to perform well.   Without your input, it is difficult to gage the City's overall customer service performance.

The survey will remain open through July 31, 2014.   Please click on the below link to access the survey electronically: 


Or, a PDF of the survey is attached if you would rather print out a paper copy to complete.  Simply forward the completed survey back to me through inter-office mail.  Your name is NOT required.

Supervisors, you are asked to forward a copy of the survey to any employees that do not have access to email.  You can direct them to the City Employee Home Page (http://www.bgky.org/employee_only/) to access the survey link or provide them with a paper copy to complete and return.

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration with completing the 4th annual Internal Services Employee Survey as we continue to improve our organization.

Thank you,

Katie Schaller
Assistant City Manager/City Clerk
PO Box 430
1001 College Street
Bowling Green, KY  42102-0430
270.393.3632 (office)
270.393.3698 (fax)
270.792.6571 (cell)

Bereavement Leave

A significant change in the revised personnel manual effective July 1 has to do with funeral leave.  It will now be called “bereavement leave” and will be a more flexible benefit for eligible employees who suffer the loss of a family member.

Full-time and permanent part-time employees have been eligible to use funeral leave for paid time off between the death and funeral of a loved one.  But, the number of allowed days off was dictated by the relationship to the deceased as well as the dates of death and the funeral.  This led to unequal treatment depending on the circumstances of the death and did not take into account other factors such as a later memorial service or the employee needing to take time off after the date of the funeral to deal with grief and family matters.

The revised bereavement policy is very similar to the old policy but it will allow the employee to take an established number of days off when he/she most needs them, to deal with the death, funeral arrangements, to attend the funeral or service, and to deal with other matters afterward.  For an immediate family member (spouse, parent, child, or sibling) the employee will be allowed a paid absence of five working days.  Fire shift personnel receive two shift days.  For other family members (listed in the policy), the employee receives three days (one day for fire shift personnel).  One day is still provided for the death of the employee’s aunt or uncle.

The employee must still provide his/her supervisor with appropriate information and submit a leave request for an approved absence.

Note that the new July 2014 employee manual for classified employees is now posted on the CLICK under Documents - Human Resources, in the section called "Manuals & Policies".  The changes  made since the 2011 manual are listed in the Human Resources section called "Policy Changes".  New manuals will be printed and distributed.

Contact Michael Grubbs in the Human Resources & Risk Management Department if you have any questions.

FY2015 Pay Increases

The FY2015 budget was approved on first reading and includes the following for City employees:

Full-Time:  2% Cost of Living increase (which is more than the 1.5% increase that occurred in the Consumer Price Index); plus step increase for those employees who are eligible (satisfactory performance; not at maximum for pay grade, not hired or promoted in FY2014)

Part-Time:  $.20/hour increase, plus $.20/hour for those in grades 70-78 (starting at less than $11/hour); plus $.10 step increase for those employees who are eligible (satisfactory performance; not at maximum for pay grade, not hired or promoted in FY2014)

The pay increases will be effective July 1.

  © 2014 City of Bowling Green, KY